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Paediatric Transport Team

The transport of your son or daughter is understandably an extremely stressful and anxious time. You may feel scared and not in control and these feelings are not uncommon. We aim to provide care and support for you and your child and are happy to answer any questions you may have. The need for the NISTAR transport team is to safely transport your child to a specialist care unit.

Our paediatric transport team is built up by highly skilled staff who are trained with the appropriate specialist skills to safely care for your child during their transfer. The team includes a Doctor and a transport nurse. On occasion we will bring staff who are receiving further training in transport.

The equipment being used will depend on your child’s age, size and condition. The staff transporting your child will be happy to explain what is being used. This may include monitoring equipment, infusion pumps and a breathing machine. The ambulance you child will be travelling in is specially designed, providing all the necessary facilities for specialist care whilst on the move.

The whole process may take some time, please do not be alarmed if this is the case. It is important your child is safe for transfer.

There may be the opportunity, if your child’s condition allows, for one parent to travel in the ambulance but this is will be assessed by the team at the time. Unfortunately it may not always be possible due to space or safety issues. If it is possible for you to travel, and you decide to take the opportunity, it is important that you bring only one small piece of hand luggage due to the limited storage in the ambulance. Not all parents wish to travel and that is okay too – this may give you the opportunity to make arrangements for other children or to pick up any belongings you may need.

If you are unable to travel in the ambulance please do not attempt to follow it – please make sure travel at a safe and steady speed.

When we get to the receiving hospital we will hand over to the receiving hospital, explaining what has happened both before and during transfer. We will then move your child to their new bed or cot. If you are not present at the time the NISTAR team will try to contact you to let you know that they have arrived safely and give you an update on your child’s condition.