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Neonatal Transport Team

The Neonatal transfer team is a team of highly skilled staff with the specialist skills to safely care for your child during their transfer. The team will consist of a doctor, a nurse and if necessary, a Consultant. We may on occasions bring staff who are receiving further training in transport. When we arrive we will introduce ourselves to you and the staff who will be looking after your child.

The equipment being used will depend on the age, size and condition of your child, and staff will be happy to inform you of what is being used if time permits. Equipment may include monitoring equipment, infusion pumps and a breathing machine. The ambulance used for transport is specially designed in providing all necessary facilities for specialist care while on the move.

There may be the opportunity, if your baby’s condition allows it for One parent to travel in the ambulance, but this will be assessed by the team at the time. It may not always be possible for this, due to space or safety issues, but we will always try where possible to keep you with your baby. If it is possible for you to travel, and you decide to take the opportunity, it is important that you only bring one small piece of luggage due to limited storage in the ambulance. Not all parents wish to travel and this is OK too. This may allow you the time to make arrangements for other children or to pick up and belongings you may need.

Each hospital is different and has slightly different facilities and policies such as visiting and staying with your child which staff can discuss with you when you arrive.

We will always try to keep you update with any changes, however sometimes this can be delayed.

The Neonatal NISTAR team runs an 8am to 8pm service.