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    16 May 2021Paddy Adams

    17 August 2020Alison McKinley

    16 July 2020Emer McWilliams

    30 March 2020Julie Cruickshank

    20 March 2020Adrain Blaney

    19 March 2020Chris Watson

    02 March 2020Philip Johnston

    Philip Johnston joined NIAS in 2006 before joining the NISTAR team...

    27 February 2020Brian McKeen

    Brian has worked with NIAS for 10 years – 3 of...

    14 February 2020Scott Mixon

    Scott Mixon has worked for NIAS for 13 years and joined...

    11 February 2020Dennis Elliott

    Dennis Elliott has worked with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service since...